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Frigo Revolutionwear FRIGO No1. Traningsunderklader håller hög kvalitet.

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FRIGO No1 - CONSTRUCTED BY EXPERIENCE.Frigo Zone - The patented Frigo Zone design provides a pocket system to create a cooling barrier between the body and the genitals. Pouch materials have been chosen with comfort and wicking in mind. The pouch works with the Frigo lock to provide an individual fit and control over the support of the Frigo Zone. The pocket adjusts from both ends to ensure total comfort.Tri-zone fabric selection - Three different fabrics were chosen based on their performance and the specific effects required for the various elements within this garment. The pouch uses an opaque ultra lite nylon warp knot fabric with thermal cooling properties. The body uses a more powerful version of the pouch material to provide compressive power and durability to the seat and thigh areas. To further improve thermal comfort i the crotch and thighs, a cool mesh fabric has been selected for theseareas.Frigo comfort pattern - the ergonomic seam placement of the Frigo garment has been developed to offer superior comfort and fit. Seams have been kept to a minimum and where possible the seams are bonded to provide a flat and comfortable finish against the skin. The closures for the legs and crotch have been moved from the traditional positions to place seams in areas of the garment where movement is limited, thereby increasing comfort.Sports compression - By providing a level of compression not found in standard underwear, Frigo provides the benefits of sports compression within its underwear. Close fitting improves the wicking performance of the garment and reduces muscle vibration during activity, preventing additional muscle damage and promoting faster training recovery.HOW IT WORKS, STEP BY STEP. There are two parts to the patented FRIGO zone design:1. The netted pouch, which separates your goods from your crotch2. The soft lock adjustment system, which allows you to customize the fit.Getting set up is fast and easy, and you only have to do it once. And at the end of the day, beingdry and cool - without the jock itch - is worth it.Just place your boys in the FRIGO pouch and adjust the fit by using the buttons on both sides. Starting with one side, unfasten the elastic from the button that is holding it in place. Refasten the button in a hole further down on the elastic strip if you want a tighter fit, or in the other direction for more comfort. Repeat the process on the second side. Snap the pants back in place to see if they are fitting properly, and make adjustments if necessary.


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